Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should We Hire You For Our Online Business Project?

We help businesses like yours make more sales online. Everything we do centers around this one focus. If you are looking to grow your business online and make more sales then you definitely need to talk to us. Let us know your project requirements here for a no obligation consultation on how we may assist you.

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What Is Your Pricing For Online Marketing Services?

Pricing depends on your project requirements. Please take a moment to submit your project expectations here so that we may assess how we can assist you and give you a more accurate assessment on the investment required for your consideration.

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How Do I Make More Sales Online?

Talk to us! We’ll dig deep to get the big picture of your intentions online, and we’ll put a plan of action together tailored for your needs. Depending on your situation, your project may require any or all of the following to assist your business to grow sales online:

1. NICHE MARKET RESEARCH & ANALYSIS – This requires us to investigate your market online and find out what they really want from you. The outcome is a blue print for structuring or re structuring your online business in order to attract more leads, more sales.

2. CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS) DEVELOPMENT – Some call this Web Design – but we go the extra mile beyond just making a pretty website. Secure and responsive website development that is designed to market your message and manage your content securely on all mobile devices and computer platforms. Our website development ethos is that we put everything into ensuring that visitors to your websites stay because they find the right info they are looking for, and are effortlessly stepped through your sales or lead capture process for a win  win result – for you and your new customers.

3. YOUR KNOWLEDGE PACKAGED ONLINE TO ATTRACT BUYERS – This is vital to position you as the go to solution for your market. We’ll delve into what is important about you and your business that hungry buyers are busting to know before making a decision. We package your knowledge and put it in the right places for visitors to find. You are way ahead of the competition when it is YOU that answers the questions that potential buyers are asking!

4. ONLINE SALES CONVERSION STRATEGIES (including split testing) – Good copy, enticing graphics, well designed landing pages, strategically placed components, split testing and more are all part of strategies required to convert visitors to leads or buyers. We structure and analyse the entire process from visitors landing on your pages through to sign ups, and “Buy Now” strategies on sales pages.

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I Need A Landing Page – Can You Do That?

Yes – Landing pages are part of our expertise. We ensure that copy, graphics and layout are designed to convert the highest percentage of visitors to leads or buyers.

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