PresentorWorks Client Feedback Comments

Project - Market Research, Website Development , Online Marketing

Steve SSalon Industry USA. 

Very professional outfit. Provided expertise well beyond expectations.

Project - Produce Videos For New Website

Marie CRecruitment Company Ireland.

Using PresentorWorks was a very good decision for us. They really understood exactly the messages that we wanted to get across in our videos. We did 4 videos in all and the quality, content and delivery was first class! We''ve already hired them for our next phase.

Project - Marketing Video For Website

Dave MSoftware Developer USA.

...prompt, timely, courteous and highly professional - would definitely work with PresentorWorks again.

Project - In-house Product: WordPress Theme, Content Management System For Local Businesses.
This was a special limited offer product developed by PresentorWorks of which over 2000 licences where sold. It was created to give web consultants (worldwide) a tool to make it easy for their local and small business clients to  market their business online.

Ken RInternet Marketer USA.

This HAS to be one of the BEST WordPress resources I've ever bought! Besides using it myself, I can whip up client websites with ease. I know for a fact that in my area I could EASILY get $ for this setup from any offline client. Fanpages alone sell for that much - but you're delivering the tri-fecta! sure deliver value when you do speak. Keep up the good work!

ScottLocal Business Consultant USA.

Best product of the year for us just starting a local web consulting business. Great Price too! Thanks for a great theme ! This is what I've been looking for ...a great way to capture local clients by offering a "complete package" consisting of a website, Facebook Fanpage & a mobile site!

Jim FMarketing Professional USA.

Brilliant product my friend! I just purchased because the idea of integrating all 3 into one WP theme makes WAY too much sense! I am looking forward to taking this puppy to the streets! I have a couple of current clients that this will work extremely well for.

Jeremy GGraphic Designer USA.

Great Package here, just went through all the tutorials and is/should be easy enough for anyone to use.

Mike RMarketing Consultant USA.

I offer all three services to potential offline clients in one package. Problem was, I had to create each one separately which, needless to say, took a considerable amount of time. Anything that can save me hours of work and reduce my pain reliever meds at the same time is pure GOLD!

SylviaBusiness Consultant UK

I love the concept of having a 3-in-1 wp theme, so I bought this knowing full well that it will save me a lot of time setting up sites for clients and myself. Have gone through the manuals, and they are so easy to follow. Looking forward to playing with the theme. This is an absolute must have for anyone doing Offline Marketing.

Roger GInternet Marketer USA

Just finished going thru the training, you are making several of the Software tools for Themes, FB and Mobile obsolete. Simple and productive, will post a new site when I finish installing your package.

John BInternet Marketer USA

I bought this yesterday and finally got a chance to play with it today....and it installed just fine on my WP 3.2 install by the way.... Anyone offering web services to offline clients would be crazy not to grab this as an option for clients. In addition to the potential income vs. very little time invested, it's also something that many clients could easily manage on their own once up and running. If you are building many wordpress sites for yourself, then it's a no brainer as well. You kill 3 birds with one stone without the time consuming task of finding and configuring additional plugins. 2 Thumbs up!

Maurice MMarketing Consultant UK

I just Have to Say Thank YOU So very MUCH!! I love this as I'm getting into the offline business and this is going to save me so many headaches and so much time! The sites look fantastic and they will sell themselves. You have no idea how much I appreciate this!

Lindsay JMarketing Consultant USA

Just want to give kudos to the developers and marketers of this product, truly extraordinary in so many aspects: ease of use, functionality, etc. The potential for those of us that sell to offline businesses are huge as so many have already expressed.